Workforce Consultants: Employee Benefit Advising and Consulting

Your prescription to a whole new kind of HR & benefit process

We are benefit consultants focused on healthcare cost containment, service and employer support.

Do you need to get your healthcare cost under control or automate some of your benefit processes?

What we do:

Employee Benefit Plan Advising and Cost Containment Consulting

Our clients have experienced as much as a 30% decrease in healthcare cost, while making the plan better for their members.

Self Funded Strategies

We are benefit consultants strictly focused on decreasing health insurance cost — without having to change your current plan design or shift cost to employees.
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Voluntary Benefits

Offer employee paid supplemental benefits without a cumbersome 3rd party relationship, while saving your employees money and streamlining the benefit offering process.

SCA Government Contractors

Win more contracts, save money and offer a true bona fide fringe benefit package.
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Pharmacy Benefit Risk Management

Reverse that trend of spending more on prescriptions each year. Employer’s can save 20%+ on average in the first 12-18 months with no change in benefit design.
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Life & Disability

Give your team peace of mind with group life and disability policies, without the need to ask any health questions, fill out paper forms or exclude any of you valuable employees.

HSA & FSA Support

Add flexibility and depth to your health benefit offerings while helping your organization reduce FUTA and FICA payroll taxes.

Fully Insured Plan Management

Our team of highly qualified industry experts have the skills and background to assist you in the day-to-day aspects of benefit plan management.

Dental & Vision

Offer your employees high quality dental & vision group insurance plans at affordable prices, and administer everything inside the Workforce system.

Union Plan Administration

Contract assistance, benefit administration & TPA services for union plans.
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How we do it:

Our Bestselling Book

We aggregated all our strategies and wrote a book so our clients and prospective clients can learn more about our philosophy and how to improve their company’s healthcare plan.

How Misaligned Incentives, Corporate Greed and Irresponsibility Caused a Blind Spot on Your P&L

“Misdirection” is a step-by-step playbook for CEOs, CFOs, business owners and HR executives that will help you identify and mitigate what can be the largest cause of negative operating leverage in your business (your healthcare plan). No matter your industry, company size, or location, this book will provide the tools to help you uncover what every other consultant has ignored. These expenses, hiding in every business, are disguised as liabilities but can become a powerful asset. You can look at this book as a self defense, judo of sorts, to protect your company from unnecessarily overspending on what should be a manageable expense. Not only do we address healthcare cost but we discuss the how to increase the quality of your company’s healthcare plan, employee morale, improving company culture and how all these topics are tied together.

Many times we see organizations sacrifice the important for the urgent. This causes businesses to neglect what they believe they cannot change and instead focus on what they know they can. Unfortunately, this blind spot on your P&L has been largely overlooked because you have been trained to overlook it. In fact, most business owners, C-suite executives, mayors, governors, and union heads have been trained to delegate this expense to non-P&L managers. This is because they’ve always thought there was no way to control their healthcare expense. In reality, they have been simply kept in the dark by the misaligned incentives in this multi-billion dollar industry.

Warren Buffet once famously called GM “a health and benefits company with an auto company attached.” It has also been reported that Starbucks spends more on health insurance for its employees than it does on coffee beans. For most companies, health insurance is the second or third largest expense after payroll and raw materials. This puts you in the healthcare business! We have just one question for you—how is your healthcare business doing?

In this book, you will learn:

  • How a few simple steps can increase your company’s EBITDA each and every year.
  • How price and cost are different and how we can use this to make your health plan better.
  • How to turn a rented liability into an asset you own.
  • Why your company unnecessarily overpays for what should be a manageable expense.
  • The fastest way to recapture a decade or more of losses – that you have already experienced.

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  • Who is the Cartel and how they have been paid billions by ripping off millions of people and business just like yours.
  • Why healthcare supply chain price gouging causes the quality of your health plan to diminish, and what you can do about it.
  • The financial hedging strategy that will allow your company to arbitrage risk of $40,000 – $1M, down to less than $5,000.
  • Recognize the “learned helplessness” that has gradually crept into your awareness over the last 10+ years.

This book is a plainly written, common sense guide to why you overpay for healthcare at work and how to give your employees the best healthcare plan they have ever had. Taking some of the steps we outline in our book will give you a literal competitive edge in your market, just be sure to read this before your competitor does.

Forward by Craig Lack, Best Selling Author and labeled as “The most effective consultant you’ve never heard of”.

How we automate and manage it:

Payroll, HRIS, Benefits, Time & Attendance and Scheduling Technology

Powered by our sister company, Payworx.

A single employee record solution.

Payroll Processing

Powered by our sister company, Payworx.

Payroll Processing

Automate your payroll process with checklists and immediate access to reports and data.
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Tax Management

Complete time & attendance solutions — built into your payroll and HR system.
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ACH Bank Processing

Paycheck direct deposits, tax payments, garnishments, benefit payments & 401k deposits… all managed in one system.

Time & Attendance

Time Collection

Designed for today’s cloud computing environment with options like web, mobile, touch-screen, biometric, barcode, keypad, proximity badges, IVR and more.
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Capture accurate employee attestation responses in real time at the time clock terminal or web entry.
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DCAA & DOL Timekeeping

Meet regulatory guidelines and drive bottom-line results for contractors with our workforce management automation solution
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Matching up availability, skills, and business demand to create an efficient, effective schedule that helps maintain compliance while minimizing spend.
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Leave Management

Easily enforce absence-related policies, including federal, state, and organization regulations.
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External Time Processing

Some companies and industries use external 3rd party time collection systems. We can import the data from those systems to certify time and calculate pay.


Calculate and track accruals based on your specific policies. Set up benefit accrual profiles to determine the rate at which an employee or a group of employees accrues time off.
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Buy your companies time collection equipment from us or allow us to integrate existing hardware.

HR System

Core HR Functions

One unified software solution with integrated recruiting, hiring, and onboarding with benefits, compensation, and performance management.
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Performance Management

Performance reviews, workflows, employee / manager self service and compensation tools are all built in and flow directly into your payroll runs, keeping earnings, deductions, and taxes up-to-date for you.
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Background & Drug Screenings

Make the background screening process simple without compromising accuracy, service, turn-around time, or value. We also can help with DOT and other regulated and non-regulated drug testing, occupational health, and credentialing support.

Compensation Management

Reduced administrative burdens, improved corporate governance, distribute more equitable rewards & have a greater control over your compensation spend.
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Paperless / Remote Onboarding

Onboard newly hired employees in one seamless experience. Electronic self-onboarding can help your new employees complete paperwork and system triggered workflows ensure the new hire processing tasks are completed.

Employer / Manager Portal

Our solution acts as a central gateway for business activities. It keeps everyone in your organization connected while empowering your employees and managers to operate at peak efficiency.

Recruiting / Applicant Tracking

Make it easy for applicants to search for jobs, upload resumes, and apply online with configurable job applications.
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Online Benefit Management

Empower employees through online self service enrollment at the time of hire and at annual open enrollment. Let our HCM solution be the hub for health insurance, voluntary benefits and other employee benefit services, like COBRA.

Employer Compliance & Other Ancillary Services

HR Compliance Suite

A cloud-based platform of integrated HR resources and training supported by live HR experts. Resolve urgent workforce issues, mitigate risks, ensure HR compliance.
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ACA Compliance

Our tools are quickly, easy to configure and available on-demand with numerous scheduling and alert options. Leverage our team and our fully automated tools for ongoing support of your ACA compliance strategy.
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Experience complete desktop to mobile parity and give your employees complete on-the-go access to their payroll, time and benefits with our mobile application.

Handbook Builder

State and federal laws piling up? Employees losing touch with your culture? We’ve got you covered. Use our powerful tool to create a pre-populated, fully editable handbook that assures communication of your most important values and pertinent laws.

Employee Benefit Enrollment Services

For select clients, Workforce will deploy resources to present and enroll all employee benefits at open enrollment and will enable a call-center for newly hired employees.

COBRA Administration

With its complex compliance and administration laws, it can be challenging to know if you’re handling COBRA  correctly. Luckily we handle all your COBRA notifications and administration for you.
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Live HR Support

Access live senior level PHR, SPHR, and SHRM-certified professionals with prior experience as HR directors and managers from 8amCST to 7pmCST Monday through Friday.
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Integration Services

By using API or file transfer protocol, we can sync data from external systems, which allows us to further automate your business processes.

ERISA Compliance Guidance

Our ERISA consulting and document creation services help business remain compliant with ERISA while helping you avoid costly government penalties.
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Custom Employee Benefit Guide

Consolidate all your employee benefit plans into one easy to read benefit guide. Our team compiles all your benefit plans and assemble them into a booklet that can be distributed electronically or in print at open enrollment and to all new hires.

Online Employee Training

Access our on-demand video training library to help ensure compliance so you can focus on attracting, managing, and retaining the best employees.
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