Your Trusted Partner for a tHRiving Workforce

"Your Trusted Partner for a tHRiving Workforce"

We enable our clients to achieve their business objectives through cost effective workforce management.

How we deliver effective workforce management:

Workforce Support

We enhance and enable your HR team to be highly skilled and effective in the areas of workforce management and compliance.

Workforce Benefit Cost Containment

Our proven and effective strategies have resulted in increased EBITDA performance.

Workforce Integrated Technology

Our technology platforms enable you to automate your workforce business processes including on-demand real time access to an HR resource library.

About Us

We help our clients achieve their business goals.

Workforce consultants and it professionals illustrate over 50 years of being the trusted partners for your workforce needs. We have become one of the premier thought leaders in the areas of employee benefits with the release of our best selling book "Misdirection".

What our raving fans say

"Our Trusted Partner for a tHRiving Workforce"

“The Workforce Way” is a set of fundamental principles by which we define our culture and build our trusted partnerships which include; Over delivering and honoring our commitments. We are committed to a process orientation and exceeding your expectations.

The workforce way [our 12 fundamentals]

We work with a spirit of excellence & make quality personal.

Take pride in the quality of everything you touch and everything you do. Always ask yourself, “Is this my best work?” Everything you touch has your signature and makes a statement about you. Make sure it’s a statement of excellence.

Deliver legendary customer service

Put simply, we exist for no other reason than to serve our customers.

Be relentless about improvement

Regularly reevaluate every aspect of your job to find ways to improve.

Workforce management services designed for your tHRiving organization.

Workforce Consultants products and services supports the creation of tHRiving & engaged workforces. Our trusted partnership provides relative “real time knowledge, expertise and solutions” that complement your HR Initiatives.

Workforce Essentials

The basics for any HR department.


Workforce Pro

Provides your organization highly effective workforce management processes


Workforce tHRive

Requires an effective strategy, executed by highly skilled professionals.


Workforce Benefit Cost Containment And Consulting

Access a dedicated team with years of industry insight and a world-class service department.


Payroll + Time and Labor Software

Simply Payroll, Time and Scheduling with a unified HCM platform powered by UKG.


Workforce Benefit Technology

Workforce management comes with its challenges and our tools alleviate the clutter.


Workforce Competency Studies

Pay equity, workforce compensation studies, performance reviews and much more.


Contact a professional.

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Expert People Matter

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Employee Benefits [CHRS, CIC]

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Larry Goodridge

Employee Benefits [REBC]

Update: We just released our new book titled “Misdirection”.

Our 15 years of experiences have enabled us to share our knowledge and insights on how to design the most effective employee benefit plan.