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Workforce Competency Studies

Today's successful HR business leaders need ways to mature their processes to ensure the success of their workforce.

Effective workforce management often requires specific employment cycle information and expertise.

Examples of recent studies

Pay Equity

Frustrated by well-intended, yet unsuccessful, efforts to fully understand or address pay gaps in your company and comply with government pay equity requirements?

Our Pay Equity study will examine your pay practices and policies resulting in equitable pay, diversity and inclusion insuring you attract and retain the right talent.

Employee Engagement Surveys

During inflationary and recessionary periods and that disruption force effective leadership to respond to the ever changing and engaging elements of the workforce.

Performance Reviews

A formal assessment process in which managers evaluate employees, work performance, identifies strengths and weaknesses, offers feedback and set goals for future performance.

While an organization may have a comprehensive performance strategy, paper-based reviews and manual processes can create inefficiencies that limit the effectiveness and impact of their strategy. Integrated into our Concierge Product: Payworx we utilize integrated software to tie Performance Review and Payroll into one system.

Workforce Compensation

We know that the great resignation has raised employee expectations of higher pay and better benefits. Our compensation studies analyze your current pay practices and determines if they are competitive for your industry and geographic location.

We enjoy particular expertise in the alignment of “Total Compensation Concepts” to competitive market dynamics.

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