DCAA & DOL Time Keeping Solutions for Defense Contractors

DCAA & DOL Time Keeping Solutions for Defense Contractors

DCAA & DOL Solutions for Defense ContractorsMeet Regulatory Guidelines and Drive Bottom-Line Results with Workforce Management Automation

Regulatory compliance is a growing concern for defense contract manufacturers working with the U.S. government. After all, any organization that accepts a defense contract must agree to strict guidelines that specify exactly how to account for the costs of goods. The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) keeps a watchful eye on defense contractors to make sure they’re avoiding unnecessary costs, exercising strict internal controls, and following standard financial policies and procedures. What can you do to prepare your company for this level of regulatory scrutiny? Workforce DCAA & DOL Solutions for Defense Contractors can help.

Workforce provides automated tools to help you manage your workforce for reduced costs, boost productivity, and minimized compliance risk while improving workforce productivity by aligning labor coverage with production demand. Our solutions are designed to help facilitate compliance with government regulations and drive bottom-line results by:

  • Providing complete automation of processes, from timekeeping and scheduling to shop floor data collection.
  • Eliminate excess payroll costs and unproductive employee time
  • Delivering high-quality information to improve labor decisions and eliminate waste
  • Tracking actual labor expenses to avoid cost overruns and help ensure accurate government billing
  • Optimizing labor resource utilization to consistently meet contract requirements on time
  • Documenting compliance efforts with centralized workforce data and a detailed audit trail

Track and control labor costs

Account for every labor dollar spent on each defense contract. Workforce DCAA & DOL Solutions for Defense Contractors streamlines the process of capturing labor activity data — including employee time spent on each work activity associated with a contract — and segregates direct costs from indirect costs to help ensure proper allocation. Make best-guess estimates and unexplained variances a thing of the past. And move forward with more accurate job costing. With Workforce, you gain a true understanding of labor-related production costs per product or part, allowing more informed pricing decisions, which drive higher profits.

Workforce DCAA & DOL Solutions for Defense Contractors provides complete automation of time and attendance and payroll processes to cut down on costly errors that raise regulatory red flags and eat into company profits. Our smart data collection options, including biometric terminals, verify employee identities and consistently enforce pay policies at the time of the punch. No more unauthorized overtime, buddy punching, or stacking of pay premiums. Just accurate time transaction data for better control of labor costs. Plus you have the ability to leverage complete automation to help comply with strict government guidelines and maintain auditable records.

Minimize DCAA and labor law compliance risk

Don’t be caught unprepared for a DCAA audit. With Workforce DCAA & DOL Solutions for Defense Contractors, you can allocate 100% of your direct and indirect costs to contracts, per DCAA labor accounting guidelines. So you can demonstrate exactly how every labor dollar is spent. Workforce makes it easy to capture labor activity data and reconcile it with payroll — even taking into account complexities like different wages, premium pay, partial shifts, and team allocation. What’s more, it generates detailed audit trails to enhance and document your compliance efforts.

Workforce helps facilitate compliance with labor laws and union rules by automating manual time and attendance, payroll, and scheduling processes using business rules. Complete automation helps you meet Fair Labor Standards Act regulations for overtime by preventing illegal scheduling assignments and ensuring that employees work only authorized hours and take breaks mandated by law. We further reduces regulatory risk by centralizing employee absence information. It applies leave and attendance rules uniformly and tracks time off, including vacation, sick days, and Family Medical Leave Act absences.

Our solution provides a centralized record for tracking employee skills and certifications, automatically sending proactive alerts when a particular certification is about to expire. Avoid last-minute searches for replacement workers, and maintain availability of a flexible, skilled labor force at all times to consistently meet contract deadlines.

Boost preparedness … and profitability

Workforce DCAA & DOL Solutions for Defense Contractors helps facilitate compliance with DCAA guidelines and other government regulations, so you’re always prepared in the event of an audit. At the same time, it provides the automated tools and high-quality information you need to reduce labor costs and improve workforce productivity for bottom-line results.

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