Schedules that align staffing requirements with budget and demand.

Create schedules that align staffing requirements with budget and demand.


Advanced scheduling tools help you better manage labor spend

Workforce schedules can be time-consuming, error-prone, and downright frustrating. And trying to schedule a diverse workforce using spreadsheets and semi-automated systems can result in overstaffed shifts, shorthanded rushes, excessive overtime, employee disengagement, and even compliance issues. How can you schedule the right person with the right skills in the right place at the right time without overspending your budget or burning out your employees?

Build efficient schedules that support compliance

Once you’ve created your schedule, fill open shifts to maximize productivity and minimize compliance risk. The system automatically sorts employees based on predefined criteria — availability, preferences, skills, certifications, union rules, labor laws, and more — so you can assign the right person to each position. You’re automatically notified if scheduling actions violate established rules so you can make changes and maintain compliance.

Make intelligent staffing decisions on the fly

Real-time visibility into the workforce allows you to handle staffing changes on your own terms to control labor costs without jeopardizing productivity or service levels. Need to fill an open shift due to an unplanned absence? Forget about paying unnecessary overtime or hiring contract workers. Workforce Ready Scheduler automatically generates a prioritized call list of qualified workers based on availability, seniority, skill set, and more, so you can fill shifts with the right person at the right cost.

Empower employees and boost engagement

Give employees more control over their schedules for improved engagement. Self-service tools empower employees to be more autonomous while making the scheduling process more transparent. For example, employees can pick up open shifts based on their qualifications — from their desktop or mobile device — and receive email notification whenever a new schedule is posted.

To learn more about advanced scheduling, see our demo here.