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The Human Side of Healthcare

Organizations partner with us because we take an employee focused effort to dramatically
improving the financial well-being of all their employees without sacrificing benefits.

We even wrote the book on this, titled Misdirection and available on Amazon.

The human side of healthcare.

When companies partner with us to consultant on dramatically improving the financial well-being of the entire population we are able to reducing the pressure they feel to shift more costs to you (the employee) by lowering health care premiums, deductibles and coinsurance.

When healthcare prices inside of your health insurance plan go unmanaged, costs spiral out of control and become unsustainable for your organization. When deductibles are raised, co-pays are eliminated, and programs are implemented that don’t work, you suffer the side effects.

Our areas of focus, that we find are often overlooked.

Member Experience

Shopping for healthcare services sounds easy on the surface but can be a challenge to implement. Furthermore you are often not incentivised to make smarter decisions and unfortunately the quality of care if rarely discussed. This can lead to undesirable outcomes if left unmanaged.

Pharmacy Scholarship Program

Our scholarship program allows you to receive your most expensive (and needed) prescription medication with no out-of-pocket cost, all the while your company experiences a 50-70% savings for the exact same medication.

Employee cost share

We setup programs to incentivise you to make informed decisions in an effort to lower your out-of-pocket cost. This allows you to use higher quality (lower cost providers). This opportunity further allows us to waive your copays or deductibles when you follow our advice.

Addition of a VIP tier

The best employee experiences happen when organizations install our tight knit network of doctors, hospitals and imaging clinics to give you more benefit choices and access to higher quality care at little to no out-of-pocket cost.

Streamlined Administration

Misaligned financial incentives have caused insurance carriers and third party administrators to not take advantage of pricing differences in the market. This has caused your organization to unnecessarily overpay for what should be a manageable expense (your healthcare plan).

Insurance Risk Mitigation

By properly managing how your organization finances healthcare, they can free up funds to be used for things like future pay increases, reducing income inequality, improve affordable health care or an increased 401k contribution.

What does the healthcare supply chain look like?

Transparency, consumerism, and shopping are always discussed in healthcare, but having a company just tell you how much an MRI costs does not lower your out-of-pocket costs and won’t improve outcomes. You know five to ten different metrics about how healthcare works (think co-pays, deductibles, in-network, max out of pocket, etc.), and that’s fine. What’s not fine is for the people who are paid to manage the healthcare supply chain to also only know or talk about those items.

Employee Financial Challenges

  • 8 out of 10 employees live paycheck to paycheck
  • Working Americans borrowed $88 billion to pay healthcare expenses
  • Money is the #1 stressor for 7 out of 10 workers
  • Health care cost shifting offset pay increases for 78% of working Americans
  • 1/3 of Go Fund Me Crowdfunding is to pay medical expenses

What does this mean?

Higher healthcare costs lead to increased insurance premium contributions, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums. As a result, you are working for less take-home pay because medical and pharmacy costs can’t be controlled. The majority of America lives paycheck to paycheck, carry record amounts of debt and financial decisions impact their access to care.

Why do employees love us?

Employee support

When you have insurance questions, normally you would only have access to your HR department. Our team is available to work with you directly. We monitor all your requests using our communication portal that keeps all your insurance questions and answers in one place.

Technology Offering

Through our sister company, Payworx, we simplify payroll, time and HR with a unified HCM platform powered by Kronos. All of your benefits, payroll deductions, and taxes are up-to-date, accurate and available online, or by using our iPhone or Android app.

Enrollment Support

Insurance can be difficult, complex and has many nuances that can be confusing. That’s why we create employee benefit guides, are present at many of the company-wide benefit meetings and assist with all enrollment processes to help streamline the insurance offering process.

Have your company join us for a discovery call

We will explore all the ways that organization’s, just like yours, have taken back control of their healthcare plan.